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Coaster and more Coaster

Painting on Slate was fun, fiddly but fun. I need to use some special brush for a detailed work, which my other half think it's crazy 🤪 bless...

Very therapeutic I must say. I can not wait for the weekend after my 3 night shift. I'm expirementing mixing different acrylic paint. I just love the colours and how it change right in front of my eyes and every stroke of the brush it follows like honey 🥰 Yes I am in love making them. Andrew said I look like a child opening a Christmas present.

Mind you he did help. He wants to know how to add Resin on the Ceramic Tiles so I let him do it. And now he is learning how to decoupage a ceramic tiles which is even better, so I can focus on the slate. I guess little Alexandra can do the Cork 😁. A task halve is always the best.

I should probably go back to my candle studio soon 🤔


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