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Handmade Container

I'm currently working and trying my hands on making my own container using a biodegradable and earth friendly materials 😅 And it was a lot of fun.

Few swearing here and there and mess everywhere but I think it is worth every ounce of it. They come out so nice and I am in love with my container now. I am still doing a lot of research to make sure it is safe for candle use. And most importantly my customer can recycle the container once they finish the candle.

They can either use it as a jewelry jar but they are so cute.

And now that the fun part is done. I am still practicing mixing with colours and what work and what does not work 😑.

The hard part comes after. Namely: Testing for cracks and how it is with liquid we don't want liquid wax giving me a stressful day 😅, temperature and how fire retardant my container is. And oh I cured them at 80C 😁 just to make sure there are no moisture left on the container... the idea of it and hot wax together give me palpitations 😱

Then the annoying part. It is always a Love and Hate relationship between me and my hundred of wicks. They don't like me and I hate them 😒 They always push me to my limit. They don't want to co-operate with me and they like me wasting them every time I test.

So far the tulip and round container survive the first 2 abusive burn. I am about to test the big one as it is still curing. For the tulip/round container I think I need to tweak it a bit just to push it a bit more and see how it behaves.

On the plus side. The house smells amazing. First Ive tried was Sherbet Lemon and my oh my they never fail to amaze me. I just love the smell of it, so fresh and crisp. The second I burned was the round one with Bamboo Forest. Its a subtle scent so I wasn't too sure about it. But I changed my mind when I burned it. Clean, fresh, and it reminds me of walking along the Bamboo Forest back in the Island. I must admit it bring back childhood memories. Bamboo Forest is highly recommended for meditation. It just take you to the Zen. The last one I am going to transfer which is still curing upon me writing this blog is Oat Milk & Honey with the Big one. I can not wait to finish it curing tomorrow (Sunday) then I can light it. This scent reminds me of Marzipan very subtle yet Strong and delicious.

I will update once I burned the big candle and see how it goes.

Love & Light,



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