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What's behind the Wooden Tube wick candle

The crackle on this wick is just amazing. After a week of burn testing I finally managed to find the perfect wick for this tin container. I test it till the flame died on it's own. And for this batch it was a 32 and half hour. A mix of 2hrs, 4hrs, 6hrs and a solid 8hrs just to do the safety test.

Candle is a fire hazard. We should really take good care when we are using one. Wick trimming is very VERY important. It will help your candle to burn longer and it will also prevent building soot which you see on around your container its like a black rim which is very dangerous. In case of a glass jar when you see a black rim of soot. Please discard it as it's dangerous. It only takes a matter of time before that container will shatter. And for coloured Candles it's not very nice to clean them from your carpet.

So always trim your wick before each burn.


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