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Giveaway Candle 65G CocoSoy Blend, Wedding, Birthdays

Giveaway Candle 65G CocoSoy Blend, Wedding, Birthdays

Hand Poured using a Coconut & Soy Blend Wax. This candle burns for approximately 15H. Perfect as a giveaways for wedding, birthdays. Price per item varies depends on the quantity of your order. Personalised Giveaways need 3 weeks to make and cure, and keep in mind all Candles are individually hand poured. Please do message us for inquiries regarding prices and quantity.

To make your Candle last longer ease trim the wick after the first burn to its original length when you first bought the candle.

Please do not burn your candle longer than 4 hours. Keep trimming the wick before you lit your candle again. Please let the candle burn for 4 hours or until it achive a full melt pool (edge to edge melt) for your candle to burn longer.


Please avoid moving a lit candle.

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