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Reusable Wax Melt and Granules Liner

Reusable Wax Melt and Granules Liner

Making it easier to change fragrance at home. The liner can be use both on wax melt and simmering granules. Just pop your tart or 2 teaspoon of your granules on your liner. Place the liner on top of your melter (tea light) (40W bulb Electric Melter) and enjoy the fragrance. Once finished, let the wax melt/ granules cool down or hardened for wax tart. Pop them out (wax tart) of your liner or pour directly on your rubbish bin (Granules) for easy cleaning and changing of fragrance. The liner can be reused several times unless theres a damaged on the liner itself. Please handle with care when handling the liner as wax tart/ granules will be hot. 




Marchwood Candles Ltd. does not hold any responsibility for misuse or abuse of product and for using product other that what is stated on the discreption & instruction.  

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