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Wholesale Shea Butter Soap x6

Wholesale Shea Butter Soap x6

Waterberry- WaterberryTOP: Watermelon, pineapple juice, freshly picked strawberries MIDDLE: Banana peel, raspberry BOTTOM: Sugar


Summer FlowersTOP: Fruity, bergamot, herbal MIDDLE: White orchid, jasmine, freesia BOTTOM: Woody notes, oily, soft musk


Spiced Bean & Tonka- TOP: Lavender, spicy, bergamot MIDDLE: Myrrh, balsamic, amber BOTTOM: Tonka bean, vanilla, almond


New Baby Scent- TOP: Powdery notes, orange peel, rose water MIDDLE: Soft lavender, orange blossom BOTTOM: White musk, creamy vanilla


Rhubarb & Berry-TOP: Freshly picked rhubarb, strawberry, mixed raspberries MIDDLE: Rose petal, gardenia BOTTOM: Soft musk, rich vanilla


Sunkissed Tan- TOP: Shea nut, rich vanilla, rose water MIDDLE: Rose petal, white lilyB OTTOM: White musk, amber, patchouli


Scrumptious- TOP: Cucumber, grapefruit, green apple MIDDLE: Magnolia, lily of the valley, violet, rose petal BOTTOM: Woody notes, sandalwood, amber


Vanilla Sunset-TOP: Orange juice, buttermilk frosting MIDDLE: Orange blossom, almond BOTTOM: Soft musk, creamy vanilla, sweet caramel


Toasted Marshmallow- TOP: Toasted marsh mellow, mandarin MIDDLE: Orange blossom BOTTOM: Roasted vanilla, amber, soft musk 


Winter Berries- Top: Cherry, pear, sweet notes Middle: lemon zest Bottom: Vanilla bean, cotton candy, bubblegum



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